Bukalapak Marketing Intern

Website Bukalapak

Company Description:

Bukalapak’s mission is to provide a fair economy for all. We envision a tech-enabled economy where everyone from all walks of life have the options and opportunities to get more out of life, powered by our innovative online and offline platform. We do this because we believe people deserve equal opportunity to create better lives for themselves and their loved ones.
Bukalapak is one of the largest e-commerce companies in Southeast Asia. Founded in 2010, it now has more than 100 million users with various physical and virtual products, including small kiosks and the e-commerce platform.

Role Description:

  • Provide support for the team to define and analyze issues, setting success goals, ensure and track successful execution of projects using innovative tools and methods to help scale processes
  • Support strategic projects to surface new actionable insights on key strategic challenges
  • Analyze and assess efficiency of daily operations in order to improve workflows, processes, reporting and tools
  • Support team to provide assigned project’s status updates, feedback, and appropriate reporting on key responsibilities and objectives

Candidate Year Preference:

  • Undergrad Year 4

Internship Duration:

  • 7+ weeks

Expected Hours per Week:

  • 40 hours

Internship Period:

  • Spring Semester (Jan-May 2021)
  • Summer (May-Aug 2021)
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