Frontend Engineer Intern

  • Unpaid
  • Remote


Delman’s team boasts a strong background in technical and operational skills, carving out a niche space in Indonesia’s deep tech landscape. We believe that we can implement international best practices to build the most sophisticated yet efficient tools available. As a people-driven company, Delman invests strongly in its employees, transferring knowledge and providing high quality training opportunities.

Being the brand leader in the data market.

Building a data science ecosystem for Indonesia and beyond.

Job Description:

  • Builds a high performing data-intensive web-based data platform
  • Creates meaningful visualization for wide arrays of data type
  • Helps our users get more from their data by constructing intuitive data preparation process

Candidate Requirements:

You’re eligible to apply if you have any of the skills below:

  • Actively working towards bachelor degree (Junior or Senior years) in computer science degree
  • Experienced with web frameworks / technologies
  • Experienced with React

Internship Duration: 7+ weeks

Expected Hours per Week: 35-40 hours

Location: Remote

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Delman Data Teknologi

Posted by HR Delman

Delman is a portmanteau of “Data Excavation Learning and Management,” and is dedicated to providing data science solutions focused on data preparation.