Software Engineer – Open Source

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  • Remote
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Website HukumJelas

Making the law beginner-friendly for normal people

[What is HukumJelas?] Today, it’s really hard for normal people to find, read and understand laws (undang-undang) that impact them society. We’re an open source project & non-profit that’s trying to fix that by making a free website that makes reading the law convenient and beginner-friendly for normal people. Check out our prototype here and our pitch deck here. [What will I do?] This isn’t a job/internship; we’re an open source project looking for volunteers who are interested in joining our team of contributors. We’re currently a small team of 3 (Software Engineer @ Facebook, Sales Strategy @ Salesforce, Architecture @ UNPAR) and looking for 2-3 more people. We’re looking for coders/programmers who will build the 1st version of our website, targeted at law students & avid news readers. [Why should I join?] 1) Level up for the job/internship hunt!

  • Learn practical skills by working on a modern stack (Typescript, React, Next.js, Python, mypy) widely used in tech – this is a project you can proudly put on a resume
  • Learn how to work in a engineering team w/ version control & code review
  • Mentorship from an Indonesian software engineer at Facebook (interview prep, resume review, career advice)

2) Work on interesting technical challenges while building something people want

  • Go beyond artificial programming assignments; build & ship a product for real people
  • We’re a small group trying to solve a massive problem that the government & big local platforms haven’t been able to solve.


– Comfortable coding in at least 1 programming language (e.g Python, Javascript, C++)
– Have taken at least 1 Computer Science class (don’t have to major in CS)
– Interested in the product, and can work on a team

– Familiarity with web development (Javascript, React, HTML, CSS) is a plus but not required
– Familiarity w/ version control (Git, GitHub) is a plus but not required
– Completion of a data structures & algorithms class is a plus but not required
– Having experience working on your own side projects is a plus but not required.

Internship Duration:

  • 10 weeks (or longer if you want!)

Hours per Week:

  • 5 hours per week