Blibli Operations Management Development Program




Let’s see… what does Blibli do?

The official business term is an omnichannel ecommerce. In human language, we basically have different channels that are integrated and suit our customers’ needs. This opens different opportunities to explore, which excites us because life is all about opportunities taken, right? #YOLO

With any opportunities, we move with agility but not hastily. We take time to calculate, then deliver our actions based on that. Afterall, we always come back to what is important: the customers.

Each box we send to all over Indonesia is packed with our cumulative loves and efforts. We hope those transferred well to the receivers, so that we can bring smiles to their faces. Delivering smiles to Indonesian. If that is not a life fulfilled, we don’t know what is!

  • Spring Semester (Jan – May 2021)
  • Summer (May – Aug 2021)
  • Currently a 4th year undergraduate student or masters student
  • Operations Management Development Program (Ops MDP) is a 1,5 years intensive program developed and nurtured by Blibli special for passionate fresh graduate and those under 1 year working experience to have a jump-start in unlocking your potentials to be future leaders while directly learning and experiencing Operations area in E-Commerce ecosystem.

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Automatically inputted based on registered information
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