Populix Software Engineer Intern

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Research & Data


Populix is a consumer insight platform that builds databases of respondents across Indonesia that help businesses, academic institutions, governments, and also non-governmental organisations get access to accurate, trustworthy, and real time data. Clients who utilize our database can also hire us for further design, analysis, and insights services.


Flexible (min. 20 Hours per Week)


We are seeking talented software engineers to join our team! Here is a little bit about the tech stacks that we use at Populix: We use node express for backend, react for web app, and react native for mobile apps. We use mysql for data storage, and elastic search for all the search use cases in our apps. We use aws for all our infrastructure needs. We utilize a lot of cool services from aws from docker, ecs, lambda, codepipeline, etc for our development and deployment needs and because we are a big data company we utilize services like kinesis, redshift, athena, etc.

  • Currently a 4th year undergraduate or masters student

(Extend full-time offers to interns)

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